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EDEX is one of Irelands leading and most personal companies specialising in academic year programmes in Ireland. EDEX was set up in 1989 and throughout the years the business has grown steadily. We now welcome students from all over the world including Spain, Germany, France, Italy, Mexico, Africa and Russia.

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EDEX works in partnership with many schools throughout Ireland. All of the schools used offer a wide curriculum and are inspected by the Irish Department of Education.

We offer an academic programme which involves reviewing student progress and sending an academic report to agents once a month. We also provide the relevant documentation at the end of the year which will allow students to progress in their home country the following year.


All host families are chosen carefully by EDEX. The most important criteria for us is the mother. Over many years we have found that if she is okay then all else will fit into place. All of our host families must agree to Police vetting. In the case of day pupils the agency will be given family details for a student not later than 10 days before their arrival. Families are given a set of guidelines to ensure that they know our requirements. The family must be able to offer the student their own room. This must be warm and have a desk for studying.


This is where we excel; we provide an extremely personal and hands on service. Weekly visits are paid to every student in September and every 2 weeks from October on. Should a student need help at any stage they should contact their coordinator at any time. An email is sent each time a student gets a visit. At the end of each month the copies are checked and a report is sent indicating the student’s progress. These are not school reports but do give an indication as to whether a student is working or not. Our coordinators are visiting schools on a regular basis and are kept informed by the teachers or principals on how a student is integrating with pupils and staff. Likewise, we are in contact with the host families to monitor the student’s progress there. As we review the students work once month we can judge how they are doing academically.

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We meet students in the airport and organise a safe transfer to their school or host family. For students going to a day school their family will bring you to the school on the first day and introduce them. If subject choices have already been made then we will have most, if not all of the books organised. For those students who have yet to choose then we will help them with their decision and then get their books.

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